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Peer to Peer (pic of 211VetLink Team)

How do I get a copy of my DD214? Is there any specific help for Veterans? Who can I speak with that will understand me as a Veteran?

These and many other questions may cross your mind, we can help. Dial 2-1-1 and ask to speak with one of our Veterans Specialists.

Transportation issues?

Try our 211VetLink Trip Plannerto find transportation options in San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

Guided Veterans Assistance

Use the guild below to find your area of interest. If you can’t find it,
simply call 211 and choose the veterans menu option to speak with a veteran who specializes in helping other veterans.

Housing Programs

  • “I’m homeless”

    • Rapid-Rehousing
    • Permanent Supportive Housing
    • Transitional Housing
    • Emergency Shelter
  • “I am about-to or may become homeless”
    • Homeless Prevention
    • Affordable Housing
  • “I want to buy a home”
    • Home purchase assistance

Health & Wellness

  • “I need to see a doctor”

    • Veterans Affairs Hospital
    • Veterans Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinics
    • Community Hospital
    • Community Clinics
  • “I just need someone who will listen to me”
    • Vet Centers
    • Military Family Support Centers
    • Veteran 24 Hour Suicide Prevention Line
    • DBH Walk-In-Clinics
    • DBH 24 Hr Hotline
  • “I’m looking for help with my addiction”
    • Outpatient Substance Abuse
    • Inpatient Substance Abuse
    • Substance Abuse Support Groups
  • “I’m looking for healthy activities”
    • Veterans Gym
    • Community Center

Employment & Education

  • “I am looking for a job”

    • Employment seeking assistance
    • Employment skills training
    • Employment relates resources
  • “I need to better my skills”
    • Community/City College
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Veteran 24 Hour Suicide Prevention Line
    • DBH Walk-In-Clinics
    • DBH 24 Hr Hotline

Household & Life Needs

  • “I need food”

    • Food Pantries
    • Soup kitchens
    • Community Gardens
  • “I’m having trouble with my bills”
    • Utility Expense Assistance
    • Shut-off Notice Assistance
    • Utility Deposit Assistance
  • “I need clothes”
    • Clothing closet
    • Employment related clothing
  • “I need transportation”
    • Bus passes
    • Disabled/Special transportation
    • Transportation options search
  • “I need legal help”
    • General legal aid

Veteran Specific Needs

  • “What about my claim?”

    • Veterans’ Claims assistance
    • Veterans’ claims disputes
    • Veterans’ benefits online
  • “I just got out and I need help”
    • Veterans Emergency Fund

Veteran Specific Needs

Submitting and tracking a benefits claim. Spend less on transportation and other services. Looking for work alone vs. with a workforce expert.