Training on How to Use

There is a nominal cost for this training for groups larger than 10.

Presentations & Speakers

If you would like a speaker or presentation for your professional group or your event, send the details to

211 Caller Data

Quarterly reports based on 211 callers are freely available at Reports. If you have a special data request or other interest, send the details to We’ll get back to you shortly.

Custom Directories

Although the entire 211 database is online, many people desire a written directory, specific to their geographic or service areas of interest. We are happy to accommodate!

Custom Directory setup cost: $150. You will receive a Word, PDF, or Excel file of choice, and your project will be saved for ‘refreshing’ whenever you wish. Refresh cost: $50.

Direct Access to 211 Data through API (Application Programming Interface)

Do you need instant access to resource information within your own workflow? IEHP and Loma Linda University Health have successfully implemented this concept. For example, imagine a discharge planner at a bedside, able to identify a patient’s post-hospitalization needs, pull up the appropriate resources on her iPad, and print out the details without ever leaving the patient’s bedside. Having 211 manage ever-changing information allows staff to focus on their core competency.

Other Services

The core of 211 is the management of information, but there are many assets that can be used to assist program objectives. Here are a few ideas.

Whatever your need, send your idea to and we’ll let you know if we can help.