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  • Did you know California has a tax credit for working families? It’s called the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) and it is modeled after the federal credit. And now it’s even better! What is new?
      • A parent with an income of $22,300 or less may benefit from the credit if they have one or more qualifying children. That means a parent working full-time at the state minimum wage of roughly $10 per hour could qualify.
      • Now, for the first time, those who earned self-employment income may qualify for the credit. Both 1099 filers and cash earners qualify.
      • With the combined federal and state credits eligible families can get up to $6,000 back after filing their taxes. What would you do with an extra $6,000 dollars?


      • To get your cash back, simply file your state and federal tax returns for FREE.  Call 2-1-1 for free tax preparation sites or file online for free here.

    • Also…
    • You can now TEXT to us.  Just text to 898211 and input your zip code to be connected !!
    • And…  Did you know that 211 staff can easily qualify and enroll callers in CalFresh and Medi-Cal over the phone?  A simple call to 211 will do it.

    Every CalFresh dollar spent generates $1.90 for the local economy. It’s good for business!  211 staff helped generate more than $300,000 for the local economy in this way last year.

    VetLink – Resources for Veterans


    How do I get a copy of my DD214? Is there any specific help for Veterans? Who can I speak with that will understand me as a Veteran?

    These and many other questions may cross your mind, we can help. Dial 2-1-1 and ask to speak with one of our Veterans Specialists.

    Transportation issues?

    Try our 211 VetLink Trip Planner to find transportation options in San Bernardino & Riverside Counties.

    Guided Veterans Assistance

    Use the guild below to find your area of interest. If you can’t find it, simply call 211 and choose the veterans menu option to speak with a veteran who specializes in helping other veterans.


    Even though people having successfully served their time incarcerated are referred to as “having paid their debt to society”, huge barriers exist when they return to the “outside”. These barriers make reintegration extremely difficult for many. Some of the barriers are:

    • Low number of landlords willing to rent to ex-offenders
    • Limited re-entry resources
    • Legal restrictions
    • Weak support networks
    • Dysfunctional communities and neighborhoods
    • Fear, stigma and public perception, negative attitudes
    • Unclear goals
    • Lack of job search skills
    • Questionable work history and inadequate workplace skills
    • Limited education and training
    • Potential recidivism

    But success is possible. San Bernardino County has a strong partnership between County departments, working closely together to help those previously incarcerated to reintegrate. Led by Public Health, there is also a powerful Reentry Collaborative (see ) of which 211 is a part.

    Using the resources found on this site, and the assistance of a peer who can help map out a Reentry Plan, you can succeed. To get help from a live 211 Reentry Specialist, call 211 and choose menu option 90 at the prompt.

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