Because 211 functions support the work of both government and non-profits, and directly interact with community members, the list of stakeholders is long. Current Advisory Council members represent many county departments, universities, non-profits, IEHP, and others.

Focus topics for council meetings include:

    • Service Delivery/Customer Satisfaction — Considering how to improve/increase accessibility and quality of data delivery – via phone, web, cell, other mediums.
      • Data & Resource Improvement — Considering how we can improve the quality and availability of 211 resource data.
      • Technical Assistance & Infrastructure Improvement — What additional or improved technology or tools could be utilized to increase efficiency and effectiveness of 211 operations?
      • Special Projects/Innovation
        • Considering partner input and data analysis
        • how can 211 be used to better fill gaps and meet additional human service needs?
        • To include improvement of integration/coordination between 211 and partner entities.
      • Communication — How can 211 better receive input from community stakeholders and communicate needs/resources to the community?

Each Advisory Council meeting has a specific focus, and only those members who relate to the focus item attend the related meeting. If you have an interest in serving on the 211 Advisory Council, please send an email to